About Kazmira

Originally from Montreal, Kazmira began her studies in Middle Eastern dance in 1993. Primarily a soloist and improviser, she enjoys a variety of styles ranging from folkloric to cabaret, with a strong understanding of rhythms, costuming, and performance skills. Alongside her love of dance, Kazmira is an experienced fire performer, skilled in staff spinning, fire breathing, fire sword, and specialty fire propsĀ of her own design.

Kazmira has been a member of, and/or performer for: The Rescue Project, Zero Gravity Circus, Binet Rahma, Dance Arabia, the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society, the Middle Eastern Dance Association, Habayeb El Raqs Collective, and Radiant Heat.

She believes that dance is a fun and powerful form of self-expression, is beneficial for physical and emotional health, and that everyone deserves their spotlight. For Kazmira, dance is joy, and a powerful way to connect and communicate with herself, her world, and you.

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